I can’t talk about you with beautiful metaphors, you know? I can’t say that you broke my heart and see some beauty in that. I just can’t. I will never say “my silly heart is in little pieces, but it is okay, because I love you, anyway”. I will say, for sure, that you are a fucking shit. I will call you “fucker”. I will say “you broke my fucking heart, so fuck you. I hate you so fucking much! Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you”.
Of course I will love you anyway, but I just can’t say it, because love, sometimes, is not beautiful. Some days, it hurts. Some days, I want death. Some days, I also want to break your heart.
If you hurt me, I will try to hurt you. Always. I am sorry, fucker, but understand that I am a shit, too.
I just never broke your heart, because you never loved me enough for that.
I Miss You All The Fucking Time (via veinsu)